Hello, Jordon Jo here!

I'm on a mission to support entrepreneurs making a positive impact in the world with their businesses and visions.

My background is in business, music, physics, education, coaching and community building. I'm able to draw from these to offer an effective and inclusive business advising service.

I’m thrilled you may be interested in growing with a business advisor!

Read below to get to learn more about my expertise & services.

If you see potential, book a free discovery call with me here:

I’m grateful for the chance to be of support to you and your vision!

- J. Jo




Direct Advising
“Business Partner-for-Hire"

I'll work with you and/or your team directly and support you to move through a growth path, such as this one:

﹢ Clarify Goals ﹢ Isolate Issues

﹢ Uncover Solutions ﹢ Map Out a Path

﹢ Track Progress ﹢ Take Account

﹢ Pivot ﹢ Refine

﹢ Celebrate!

Fractional CFO
“Numbers Person-for-Hire"

I'll step in as your key finance officer, and get to the heart of solving your financial issues. Areas of focus include:

Systems Development ﹢ Bookkeeping Cleanup

﹢ Accounting Setup ﹢ Statements

﹢ Data Visualization ﹢ Telling your Financial Story

﹢ Forecasting ﹢ Decision-Making

﹢ Tracking KPIs

Project Lead
"Team Captain-for-Hire"

You bring a project scope or we create the project scope together. I will then execute project to finish with your team or on my own.

This is great for one-off projects that need getting done to fix a major issue or to take your business to the next level.


My rate is $200/hr

Lower rates are offered for high-volume contracts

Direct Support & Advising always includes non-billed hours to supplement our sessions



Adaptive communication, listening, clarifying, empathizing, seeing potential, collaborative envisioning

Strategic Coherence

What are the highest goals, and how can we best align the finances, brand, product, leadership, systems, staff, and culture to them

Systems Design

Diagnose inefficiencies, map solutions, implement with team


Refine roles to maximize holistic fit and efficiency, reduce costs

Psychological Safety

Navigating interpersonal tensions within a team, activities and systems that promote safety and empowerment

Growth & Scale

Draw scenarios, decide path, clarify steps, build performance trackers, foster accountability, support along the way


My mission is to support people and teams in meaningful, impactful work with a “business-partner-for-hire” service that helps them achieve their true goals.

Businesses and organizations, like families, are integral pieces to the fabric and foundation of our global community. Being of support to businesses and the people in them gives me purpose.

For 11 years, I've enjoyed building thriving businesses with my best friend / business partner.

Today, I get the opportunity to support others like you as you do the same!


Music is my first love, coming in second only to family. I live in Sebastopol, and enjoy playing basketball and being in nature. I have a passion for men’s work that serves to connect men to their hearts. Listen to my first single, debut album is on the way!